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Dark Tower Fantasy Board Game by Milton Bradley


Dark Tower Fantasy Board Game by Milton Bradley

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This very rare game has all it’s parts and they are in great condition as it appears the game was never actually played! The movement pegs are still attached to the mold frame. The board itself looks new other than a very slight warping from being so old and the game is complete with all of it’s parts.

The cover however is slightly marked by someone who taped it together at some point.

3 of the box corners are perfectly intact, one corner is torn. Overall it’s the most reasonable price anywhere and it’s a complete game that can be played.

It is an epic fantasy quest to recover an ancient magic scepter from a tyrant king in his Dark Tower, brought to life in electronic form. To vanquish the usurper, players search the four realms of the circular game board for three keys to unlock the tower’s gate. On this journey, there are battles to be fought against roving bands of brigands, dragons, plague and hunger. There are bazaars to visit to purchase supplies and assistants for the quest. There are uncharted territories to get lost in and tombs and ruins to plunder. And there is a mighty army to be raised before the player can lay siege to the tower and fight either to glorious victory or crushing defeat. Dark Tower was an astonishing achievement when it was released in 1981. Every aspect of the game was monitored by a small computer inside the black plastic shell of the tower itself, an unheard of innovation at the time. Players input their moves on a small membrane keypad each turn and the computer took over from there, doing everything from conducting the progress of battles to keeping track of how much (or little) food was left to feed the players’ always hungry warriors. It could even play recognizable pieces of music at significant points during the game. Complete game includes: The Tower; Cardboard Game Board (2 parts); Battery Cover; Turn Pad; 4 Brown Buildings; 4 Green/Grey Buildings; 4 Yellow Buildings; 4 Tan Buildings; 4 Warrior Pawns; Dragon Pawn with tongue, base, and tail; 12 Plastic Keys: 4 Brass colored,4 Silver colored,4 Gold colored; 5 Flags with poles unbroken; 42 Red Pegs; 4 Corner Protectors unbroken; 4 Cardboard Inventory/Score Charts; 4 Cardboard Pegasus Tokens; 1 Booklet; The Game’s Box: measures 19 3/4″L x 12 1/2″W x 7″ D; Warranty Card; 3 Cardboard Inserts forming a tower cradle; Replacement Bulb, Tube, Instructions.

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