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Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Replacement Glass Head


Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Replacement Glass Head

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This is the replacement glass for the Boost as described below in case you break it.

The Dr. Dabber Boost is a portable, battery powered rig, employing a titanium domeless nail much like you would see in a traditional glass rig setup. It uses a glass water filtration system to replicate the dabbing experience perfectly. Just press the button to turn it on, wait 30 seconds for the Light to turn blue, then load directly on to the titanium nail. Capable of 50-60 uses on a single battery charge, the Boost eRig truly is the best of both worlds: a portable dabbing experience without any sacrifice.

    • Boost eRig
    • Glass Water Attachment
    • Domeless Titanium Nail
    • Domeless Ceramic Nail
    • Domeless Quartz Nail
    • Magnetic Carb Cap
    • Magnetic Loading Tool
    • Medical Grade Silicon Storage Container x2
    • Micro USB Charging Cable
    • Limited Edition Dr. Dabber Keychain


*This unit is not suitable for dry herbs, only oils and waxes*

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