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Arizer Extreme Q Dry Herb Bag or Whip Style Vaporizer


Arizer Extreme Q Dry Herb Bag or Whip Style Vaporizer

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Don’t have the scratch for a Volcano you say? Consider this high quality, Canadian made two way vape at less than half the cost!
The new Extreme Q Vape has been redesigned and reengineered with focus on even higher quality, improved performance and longevity. New features include: quiet fan, ‘Midnight Chrome’ finish, cooler, more compact design, a three year waranty, clear view LCD screen, ‘fast heat’ ceramic heating, precise temperature control, now with triple heat sensors, solid state circuitry, and 50% more energy efficient.
But the greatest feature of this model is it’s versatility. It works as both a balloon and a whip style vape. There’s no complicated change over, just swap the glass fitting on the top. 5 seconds.
Use the balloon with friends and use the whip by yourself.
Use the remote control for periodic room refreshening.

  • warming unit & power adapter
  • 2 glass cyclone bowls
  • glass potpourri dish
  • potpourri sample
  • screen kit: 1 flat & 1 dome
  • remote control
  • 2 interchangeable and replaceable glass whip mouthpieces
  • glass strring tool
  • 3 foot whip
  • mini whip
  • 2 balloons (bags) with glass balloon mouthpieces & O-rings (1 assembled)
  • owner’s manual

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