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Gods, Goddesses and Ritual Objects of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal


This book is an invaluable reference manual for everything Buddhist & Hindu especially because you can find references and explanations for many of those rare, uncommon and unusual items.

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Foreward by Handicraft Association of Nepal:

“Every handicraft businessman felt due need of a book which contains the descriptions of Gods, Goddesses and Ritual objects of Buddhism and Hinduism of Nepal. Hence the Handicraft Association of Nepal has decided to publish this sort of book which will enable to help and assist the business communities. Similarly, it enhances the promotion and development of dying away handicraft and metal craft industries.”

Author Jnan Bahadur Sakya

8.3 x 5.6 x 0.3 inches


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1 review for Gods, Goddesses and Ritual Objects of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal

  1. Chandra

    Review from Chandra

    This was a great introduction into the different types of Buddhism (north and south) and ritual objects associated with the various practices. Very easy pamphlet style read. There are black and white pictures or illustrations for most of the items as well as a brief description of what they are used for from postures and mudras to the significance of the surrounding objects. Deities vary from Shiva’s Nataraja to Goddess Tara. Have a feeling that this will not be the first or last copy I own. Either it will become worn down fairly quickly from over use, or I will end up passing it on because the contents are too vital to keep all to myself and not share.

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