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Hendrix [DVD]


DVD like new / case VG+ Offstage, he was withdraw, almost shy. Onestage, he strapped on his kiss-the-sky Stratocaster and shattered all notions of how a guitar could be played, creating a revolutionary explosion of lightning riffs and thunderous rhythms that still resonate throughout the rock world. He was JIMI HENDRIX. This revealing documentary is the official tribute authorised by the Hendrix estate. And it’s all here, from his father’s recollection of young Jimi srumming a broom as if it were a guitar, to the indepth interviews with friends and associates – including ERIC CLAPTON and PETE TOWNSHEND. It also takes a behind-the-scenes look at Jimi and the revaging pressures of his meteoric rise to stardom. There are 11 songs, most of which – until this film – had never been viewed by general audience. In sddition to Jimi’s legendary appearances at the Montery, Woodstock and Isle of Wight festivals, witness other elecrifying performances – including the 1967 psychelic classic Purple Haze at London’s Marquee Club and be knocked flat by the soulful forces of his rare 12 string-guitar-solo version of Here My Train A-Comin’. Every so often a musical genius comes along to reshape the old and explore the new. During the Age of Aquarius and beyond, genius was named simply, JIMI HENDRIX … PURPLE HAZE (Hendrix) Marquee Club London (67) The Jimi Hendrix Experience* HEAR MY TRAIN A-COMIN’ (Hendrix) London (67), Jimi Hendrix, Solo ROCK ME BABY (King-Josea) HEY, JOE (Roberts) LIKE A ROLLING STONE (Dylan) WILD THING (excerps) (Taylor) Monterey Pop Festival California (67) The Jimi Hendrix Experience STAR-SPANGLED BANNER (p.d.arr, Hendrix) Woodstock Musical Festival N.Y. (69) Hendrix with Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox and others MACHINE GUN (Hendrix) Fillmore East New York (69) Band Of Gypsys** JOHNNY B. GOODE (Berry) PURPLE HAZE (Hendrix) Berkeley Community Centre Calif. (70) Hendrix, Cox, Mitchell MACHINE GUN (Hendrix) IN FROM THE STORM (Hendrix) RED HOUSE (Hendrix) Isle of Wight Festival (70) Hendrix, Cox, Mitchell *The Jimi Hendrix Experience consisted of Hendrix Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell **The Band Of Gypsys were Hendrix, Billy Cox and Budy Miles JIMI HENDRIX A JOE BOYD * JOHN HED * GARY WEIS Production Associate Producer LEO BRANTON * Film Editor PETER COLBERT Assembled by JOE BOYD Producer * JOHN HEAD Research * GARY WEIS Visuals Assistant Editor RAN

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