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Magic Flight Launch Box Power Adapter 2.0


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Magic Flight Launch Box Power Adapter 2.0

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The Magic-Flight Power Adapter 2.0 replaces your need for batteries, and is an inexhaustible power source when plugged in at home, or in your car with the included car adapter. It delivers steady power for perfect and consistent sessions with your Launch Box every time.


The Power Adapter 2.0’s built-in power dial gives you complete control over your vaporizing experience by allowing you to use your Launch Box with a wide variety of temperature settings. It can function at cooler temperatures for your herbal blends and hotter temperatures for vaporizing with Concentrate Trays. The new banana-plug battery design fits snugly into any generation of the Launch Box and ensures a dependable connection that stays in once inserted. Power is engaged to your Launch Box through an easy-to-press button, located on the end of the battery adapter, making vaporizing with your Launch Box easier than ever.


This Power Adapter 2.0 is created from Maple wood that has been cut, sanded, and stained by the talented artisans at Magic-Flight. Its slimmer, sleeker, and lighter-weight design also features a unique, laser-etched, sacred geometry design, and a new aphorism to ponder and explore.




Power Adapter 2.0 Kit includes:


     – One Maple Power Adapter 2.0

     – A/C Wall Adapter Plug

     – 12v Car Adapter Plug

     – Power Adapter 2.0 Flight Guide

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