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Moxie Since 1884: An Acquired Taste by Joseph A.Veilleux


Moxie Since 1884: An Acquired Taste by Joseph A.Veilleux

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“Moxie” “Since 1884” “…An acquired taste” “The Fourth Book of Moxie 2003 – A Collectors Edition – Volume 1”. Written by Joseph A. Veilleux. Book size 8 1/2 x 11, 236 pages, 1,129 graphics. (Vail-1). Book is in B&W.

ISBN # 1-0107-3649-0

For those familar with Moxie soda you will enjoy this trip into the past when soda was a much better product than it is now. For history buffs, especially New England history, those both familiar and unfamiliar with Moxie the story will bring back a lot of memories.

Moxie has enjoyed a very loyal following for over 120 years.

Books on Moxie are destined for becoming highly valuable. This one is already out of print and is part of a limited print run of only 500 copies.

We have all that remains of the original 500 copies.

  1. A Brief History
  2. Moxie Bottlers And Online Services
  3. Moxie Vehicles
  4. The Moxie Bottle House
  5. Books And Articles On Moxie
  6. New England Moxie Congress (NEMC)
  7. NEMC Nerve Food Newsletter
  8. Festivals, Shows And Events
  9. Where To Find Moxie
  10. Names With Moxie
  11. Letters, Email and the Internet
  12. Moxie Collectibles Available Today
  13. Moxie Frauds
  14. Moxie Collectibles by categories with pricing as of February 2003 – Includes a pricing guide and 77 pages of collectibles since 1884.
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