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Navaraj Gurung CD: Taal Vidya The Language of Rhythm Teen Taal


Navaraj Gurung CD: Taal Vidya The Language of Rhythm Teen Taal

Album Notes:
Navaraj Gurung is a renowned Tabla player of Nepal. He holds a graduate (B.Mus.) in Hindustani classical music from the Allahabad university, India. Gurung’s foundational school of Tabla lineage is the purav Gharana of North India which was introduced to him by his Guru (Father), Nepali Tabla Maestro Sri Ram Hari Gurung; student of Ustad Amir Husain Khan. In Nepal almost all the renowned senior and contemporary musicians have performed and made album recording with Navaraj and his compositions. As an employee since 1990 of the state run national radio Radio Nepal , with the credentials of classical music coordinating officer, he keeps a constant track of current movement of eastern classical music.
Navaraj has a growing collaboration with international musical personalities through live performance and music record. live performances with Pt. Bishow Mohan Bhatt (36 Grammy award winner); Pt. Shalil Shankar (Student of Pt. Ravi Shankar); music album with Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia, sarangi maestro Pt. santosh Kumar Mishra and German Velazco (world renowned jazz musician).
In 1989, Navaraj was awarded the first gold prize as Nepal’s top Classical Tabla player during the nationwide classical music competition on the occasion of Radio Nepal’s 45th anniversary. In 2003 the most prestigious classical music school of Nepal – Kirateshwor Sangeet Ashram honored Navaraj as the year’s most popular contemporary classical musician.
Track List:
1. Teen Taal Vilambit (Slow) in 16 Beats [feat. Pt. Santosh Kumar Mishra & Santosh Bhakta Shrestha]                                           34:44
2. Teen Taal Madhyalay & Drut (Medium & Fast) in 16 Beats [feat. Pt. Santosh Kumar Mishra & Santosh Bhakta Shrestha]             10:49
Albums which are released by Kathmandu music center of Navaraj Gurung.
1. Fusion Dreams
2. Fusion Dreams II
3. Cuba Meets Nepal
4. Sound Less Sound
5. Tabala Tantra
6. Shanti Valley
7. Urjazz
8. Shastriya Sudha
9. Melody Makers Of Nepal
10. Shanti Sutra
11. Music Makers Of Nepal (in 2 Tracks)
12. Kala Chakra (in 2 Tracks)
13. Taal Vidya
14. Realization

I am grateful to my friends and my family member without whom this album would not have been possible. My special heartfelt thanks goes to Victor Vidal Paz (Django Mango) for taking me on a spiritual musical journey to India And introduce me to Pt.santosh Kumar Mishra. my wife Jubilee Gurung who has always accompanied me on my musical quest. also special thanks goes to welling in Singapore, Sakanamoon in Lebanon, Jaime in spain, my dear friend Salil Kanika, santosh Bhakta Shrestha , sunil Bardewa, Helmant Shrestha all in Kathmandu. And my producer friend Sanjay Kumar Rauniyar whose invaluable support for bringing this album is greatly appreciated.
PT. Santosh Kumar Mishra (India) Sarangi
Santosh Bhakta Shrestha (Nepal) Esraj
Recorded At:
Mahadev Studio (Varanasi, India)
Mixed & Mastered By:
Hemant Shrestha at Studio Opus 9 (Nepal)

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