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Razor Cut Tie Dye Cotton Patch Shoulder Bag

Razor Cut Tie Dye Cotton Patch Shoulder Bag

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This patchwork cotton bag normally sells in the $25-$35 range but due to a special purchase we are able to offer these bags for only $19.99. They are 100% cotton patchwork with a razor cut patchwork design. They are fully lined with black Gaberdeen cotton and they have a high quality zipper to keep the bag closed as well as a coconut shell button.

There is also a cleverly placed phone/cigarette pouch sewn onto the shoulder strap of some and others have an outside zipper pouch with a cute little beaded lanyard.

The bag portion measures about 14×14 inches and the strap is about 18 inches.

They are truly an excellent bargain at this price + free shipping!

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