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Sacred Music, Sacred Dance Audio CD


Sacred Music, Sacred Dance / Tibetan Buddhist Monks From the Drepung Loseling Monastery

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Sacred Music, Sacred Dance For Planetary Healing

Recorded December 30, 1991 at Clapp Recital Hall, The University Of Iowa
Includes liner notes by Glenn H. Mullin and Damdul Namgyal





1 Nyen-seng: The Sound Of Delight 12:51
2 Tongnyi Tayang: Sound Of The Void 6:02
3 Shanak Rolyang: The Black Hat Dance 4:57
4 Mandel: Offering Of The Universe 8:32
5 Khadro Rolyang: Dance Of The Celestial Beings 7:36
6 Lamrin Monlam: An Aspiration To Enlightenment 4:18
7 Lhamo Torbul: A Plopitiatory Prayer To Palden Lhamo 6:28
8 Ku-nga Tobul: Invocation Of The Five Emanations 2:42
9 Bokyong Lhasung Trinkol: A Call To The Spirits Of Tibet 6:30
10 Tashi Dang Milktseyama: Auspicious Verses And The Prayer Of The Three Qualities 3:23
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