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Shiv Kumar Sharma – Music of the mountains


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I was born amongst the mountains. They are part of my earliest memories and my childhood; I have experienced their incomparable beauty and have always loved them. There is an epic grandeur, but there is peace and tranquility too. The sounds of the mountains have a music of their own, cowbells and the bubbling of brooks.

My music creates the different moods of the mountains form dawn to late night, the rosy colours of dawn and sunrise when the first rays of the sun light up the peaks, the vibrancy of the day, the evening shadows that evoke spirituality and a deep sense of yearning. I remember the high waters of a mountain lake, sparkling with the radiance of the full moon, reflecting the peaks all around, with the silvery wake of a boat slipping through the waters. And the romance of springtime, when the snows melt away and trees and flowers come to blossom.

All this has been expressed in my compositions through a strong base of melody. I have used some ragas, and drawn on the rich repertoire of folk music. In the Himalayan range, Kashmir, Garhwal and Nepal have similar musical note structures, and yet they express different feelings, which I have explored.


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Track List:


I. Himalayan Dawn 5:43
II. Sunrise On The Peaks 6:39
III. Spirit Of Kashmir 7:37
IV. Echoes From The Valley 5:51
V. Mountain Love Song 4:10
VI. Evening Prayer 7:11
VII. Ballad 5:49
VIII Twilight Shadows 6:48
IX. Springtime 3:38
X. Shikara By Moonlight 6:08

Music of the mountains
Composer: Shiv kumar Sharma
Santoor: Shiv kumar Sharma
Guitar: Jayantilal
Pakhawaj/maadal/tabla: Bhawani Shankar
Rabab: Farouk Khan
Dufli/kanjira/maadal: Shivanand
Duff/side rhythms: Nirmal Mukherjee
Harp/side rhythms: Indru Atma
Vibrophones: Salim Ajmeri
Bass guitar: Tony Vas
Recording engineered and mixed by Daman sood
Series producer: Asha Rani Mathur

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