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Parallax / Visit the Entropics! [Audio CD]


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Parallax / Visit the Entropics! [Audio CD]

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Product Description

“Visit the Entropics!” is an all-instrumental progressive-techno/metal soundscape, combining traditional modern progressive rock with occasionally odd-time electric house beats, and mind-altering solo performances on the part of keyboardist David C. Lovelace. His influences range from the guitar gods to the turntable gurus. Dave describes his performance style as very guitar-like rather than organ- or piano-like, and consistently convinces new listeners that a guitarist is indeed playing the dizzyingly fast leads. Indeed, he quotes, “I consider myself a guitar player; I just use a keyboard to do it.”

Randel Osborne, a long-time electronica veteran, weaves the fabric of the album’s lush parallel universe with mind-blowing production wizardry.

Parallax is looking to create a new way of thinking about the term “Progressive Music.”
About the Artist

Both bandmates make their homes in quiet, rural parts of Connecticut. Dave is a computer animator specializing in Flash-animated series for the Internet, and Randel is a computer consultant and recording studio manager. Both have wives, kids, and dogs.

The listener might be surprised that the noises they make together can be so frenetic while their lives are so ordinary, but certainly no more so than the Parallax members themselves, if you asked them.

1 Entropy 5:43

2 Ruy 6:17

3 Zymurgy 6:08

4 Secret Space 4:59

5 Ties That Bind 3:58

6 Third Rail 4:31

7 Demonosaur 7:01

8 Umlaut 4:43

9 Spiroid 4:57

10 Hapax Legomenon 6:19

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