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Hannah’s Field Warriors of Love CD on RastaFairy Records 2007 Used


Hannah’s Field Warriors of Love CD on RastaFairy Records 2007 Used
Gypsy reggae. Uplifting roots, acoustic folk & African earth beats blend together, creating a magical experience for all.

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Album Notes
HannaH*s Field has released their 3rd most spirited CD,
“Warriors of Love”.
While rocking with powerful African drum beats, this amazing singer-songwriter takes you along in her world of her happy love-filled heart to the pain of loss that touches us all. She opens the door to her own spirituality and shares with us the way for each one of us to truly be ourselves. Accompanied by her talented, djembe jivin’ sidekick, Andy Ardenski, HannaH*s Field has developed a gypsy reggae sound that is truly unique and inspirational.

“With a blues man’s warmth, a bad girl’s passion and a Buddha’s enlightenment,” HannaH*s voice has never sounded better. Andy adds flavor on each track with his African Djembe, chimes & spring drum. With drum beats like this, you won’t be able to help but dance like the hippies did in the summer of love. There are many special guests on this CD including Tarik Banzi on darbuka & cajon, Chuck Warda on lead guitar, bass and keys, Billy Oskay graces us with 2 violin solos, Will Amend on upright bass, Rasta poet, Irealization & “The Ohm choir” which features Elizabeth Wilson, David J.Palomino, Rachel Altmann, Ed Hoke and
Shar Flores.

“Warriors of Love” is being embraced by everyone, from folk lovers, reggae snowboarders to rock’n’rollers.
The 13 song tapestry takes you on a trip. It breaks through pop and surface to what lies deep within us all. There are songs of prayer, parties, praise, pot and peace. “Darius” is an acoustic Earth song about a tree. “Puff Puff Give” has a positive irie vibrating djembe solo. “ Lost Children” is a Native American acapella song. “Praise Jah” is a reggae rocker that is about being grateful. Life challenges us all, every day, and HannaH*s Field teaches us to put our white light around us and combat with Love.
They are the Warriors of Love.

Track List:
1. Angel Land
2. Puff Puff Give
3. Darius
4. Rosie Rise
5. Zen Mind
6. Weed and Meditation
7. I Belong 
8. Warriors of Love
9. Boss Man
10. Work Song
11. Remember my Life
12. Lost Children
13. Praise Jah




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