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The Five Days Of Holland by Jonkheer Frans Beelaerts van Blokland / Paperback


An account of the Nazi invasion of Holland:
The Five Days Of Holland by Jonkheer Frans Beelaerts van Blokland / Paperback

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I’ve had this book in my collection for over 25 years. As a WWII student of sorts I have found this to be a special relic that I believe will eventually be a museum piece. It is written byJonkheer Frans Beelaerts van Blokland Vice President of the Council os State, former Foreign Minister and is a mostly historical but also an emotional, heartfelt report of the 5 days of the Nazi invasion of Holland by a Dutch statesman and patriot who is proud of the resistance against the Nazis by the Dutch armed forces and public against an insurmountable foe. Written in a bit of a sarcastic, angry and frustrated sense it is one man’s story of an invasion that had a forgone conclusion but accentuates the moral victories of keeping the Nazis from conquering Holland on their time schedule and at greater losses than projected. Clearly he was also taking issue with his own Dutch government colleagues who bought into the Nazi rhetoric of appeasement that was supposedly a promise of nonaggression. Blokland is an emotional man here who was not sure of his own mortality at the time and of one who seems to find foolishness, fraud and collusion in his government’s dealings with the Nazis.
I believe this to be the account of someone who was not only a government official but one privy to the inner workings of the timeline of the kaos of a military invasion in a way that would be incredibly difficult to follow otherwise at a time and situation when that era’s modern communications were difficult by nature but unfortunately also broken down under the circumstances of a somewhat surprise attack.

The book’s condition is good with some marks on the cover front and back and a bit of mild water damage but there is no writing or marking in the book. The photo you see is the actual book. Overall for a book of this age very good condition.
Unfortunately this is a very old book with no ID numbers of any kind or publishing info at all. The only historical info of the book is what you see on the cover photo. I’m thinking the author published it at his own expense from a local printer to provide a personal take on the event for posterity.
39 pages
I am estimating the publishing time as the 1940s. It could be 50s but no later than that in my opinion. Google searches estimate 1940 which would mean close to directly after the invasion.
I provided the photo for this listing so it is of the actual copy I have and not a stock photo

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